Very little sympathy would be given to a motorist with a damaged engine that turned out to have no oil in it or damaged tyres that had no air in them, the dealer or manufacturer would certainly not be considered responsible for the cost associated with such a manifest failure on the part of the owner. Odd, therefore that when furniture develops a perceived fault or the appearance has apparently suffered, blame is routinely directed at the retailer or manufacturer. There is no doubt that not all furniture is the same and not all retailers adhere to the high standards set by the more established and respected retailers, however abuse is abuse and lack of care is just that – lack of care.

It should come as no great surprise therefore that Staingard and Leathermaster have flourished in these tough times and built an enviable reputation for providing goods and services to retailers that prevent the effects of product misuse or mitigate the costs associated with maintaining good customer relations.

Retailers, Manufacturers and Consumers can turn to, and rely upon, Staingard and Leathermaster to supply products specifically aimed at furniture protection and maintenance, warranty care plans, advice, training and timely and cost effective furniture repairs.