Leather Colour Matching

A vital part of the Leather Master proposition is the supply of repair colours that closely match the colour of the leather being repaired or restored.

From Leather Masters facility in Chester we can match any colour of leather if provided with a small sample piece (minimum useful size is approx 1sq inch). Colours can be turned around quickly to ensure minimum inconvenience to consumer and repairers.

So whether you are simply restoring a sun damaged sofa, matching a replacement panel or requiring colour to conceal a cosmetic repair we have the solution.

Touch up pens are also available in a wide range of colours for you to conceal small areas of damage caused by scuffs and scratches. These are also ideal for retailer warehouses and delivery staff to quickly and effectively restore delivery damage.

RAL Colour Chart

CLICK HERE to see the RAL Classic Colours Chart.

CLICK HERE to see the full RAL Colour Chart.

Colour Match Options

Option 1

Tru-Match – When colour accuracy is a must.

Price: £27.99

Option 2

RAL Colour Chart – Customer picks the closest colour on the chart to the one they require.

Price: £22.50