As a natural product, produced by tanning animal hides, leather can become dry and cracked losing its wonderful feel and look, this is why much of the leather used for our furniture is routinely produced with a protective coating that extends its useful life and also its appearance. These Leathers are known as semi-aniline or pigmented leathers. Those produced without this protective coating are referred to as Aniline and will be far more susceptible to the damage everyday use will inevitably create.

Using Leathermaster Protection creams will ensure that Anilines retain their moisture content and are protected against spillages. The use of Protection Cream on Semi-Aniline and pigmented leathers will ensure the protective coating withstands the rigours of daily use. Stains are easier to clean off, dye transfer can be prevented and abrasion damage minimized.

Leather protection can be tailored specifically to compliment different leather types, helping to ensure the best possible care.