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After decades of experience  Leather Master has developed some useful advice and a number of recommendations on how best to deal with everyday incidents and accidents that serve to ruin the character, feel and appearance of your leather furniture. Please refer to our simple guide below.

If you are in any doubt whatsoever in deciding on the best solution, then please feel free to call and we’ll be more than happy to advise over the phone: 01244 888658.

Aniline Leather/ Pull Up (Aniline):

For light/medium soiling, use a soft or strong cleaner (strength should be gauged against soiling) and allow to dry before applying the protection cream. For water based stains use a soft/strong cleaner but wet the affected area considerably after application. Leave to dry and apply protection cream.

For oil based stains such as make-up, use a strong cleaner.

Pigmented Leather:

Pigmented leather is the most popular leather in the UK.

For most stains and soiling you can use either the soft or strong cleaner, allowing it to dry before applying the protection cream. This would include drink and food spills. For stains such as make-up or newsprint, there are specific products to use from the range such as Inkaway and Jeans Dye Remover Kit respectively, which have simple application instructions. It is always advisable to use the protection cream following any treatment.

Nubuck Leather:

Nubuck pads are your best first port-of-call for most stains or soiling on nubuck leather. We strongly advise you to call in the professionals for penetrated oil or grease stains or over-heavy soiling.

ByCast Leather:

For soiling, food and drink stains it is recommended to use a cleaner, followed by Soft Life once completely dried. If the problem is chocolate, inks, newsprint or make-up we would advise you to call in the craftsmen as these stains can be much trickier to tackle.

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